About Us

•History :
Iranian Plastic Company is one of the old producing companies and printing houses in polyethylene production and felexograver printing.
This company (Ltd) was established in 14.04.1964 under management of Mr. Rzavi Movahhed
This company that aimed to produce and print polyethylene, became a big factory within less than three years and then polypropylene films production line was added to the products of this company in order to develop the factory. Because of the demand of the market and high competition during the 80s, the production line of 3-layer polyethylene films and central drum felexograver printing, lamination and different types of modern packing machines were imported from Italy and were added to the production lines of this company.
But more interesting thing about this company is that besides the type of its activity, the history of this company dates back to half a century ago.