Marketing plank and selling is responsible for determination of selling policy and Company’s marketing at the way of acheiving to foregone income and recognition of vendee’s needs and market’s research and verification and analysis of opportunities and the Menaces exhibit and selling of the company’s manufactures in inner markets and export and manufacturer’s patronage affairs.

Our coworkers in this part know their duty to exposure deliberative services in groundwork of selling engineering and before buying the product they exposure irrevocable consultations about increasing use genre of product with decreasing of it’s price to their vendees.

In this plank vendee’s demand is received in unwritten and written way and treaty is exported .After certificating the treaty & interchanging the financial documents orders for designing or manufacturing are referred to relevant planks. Etching: by using the best prime materials and utilizing experienced designers and conversant to voguish designing and compatible to the product’s type and press machines.and by using the machines that have congurous speed and quality and achieving to congurous cost has the ability of builting gelation stereotypy in different sizes by definitude of Montage in several colors.