Quality Control

 Quality Control :
Quality control unit of Iranian Plastic Company inspects and controls all production stages in two sections from entry of raw materials to the storehouse until exiting the finished goods in order to promote the quality level of the produced products. 
 Raw Materials Control :
All raw materials are purchased from reputable domestic and foreign suppliers who have ISO certificates. Raw materials are carefully examined in quality control laboratories before entering the storehouse and in case that the purchased goods are in accordance with the specifications, a permit is issued to enter them into the storehouse. 
 In-Production Control :
The personnel of the company have passed the training courses and learned the self-control culture under supervision of control unit in order to control the production process.

The quality control unit, as the representative of he customers and under direct supervision of the managing director, inspects and controls all production stages in accordance with the international standards and upon the request of the customers, as follows:

  • Controlling the goods entering the factory
  • Controlling the production process including the tensile strength and thickness of produced films
  • Controlling the printing stages in order to compare the sample with the Confirmed plan of the customer
  • Controlling the lamination and cutting stages
  • Controlling the distribution and packaging of final products

The policy of integrated management system of Iranian Plastic Company with more than five decades of experience in printing and producing different types of plastic films (one to several layers) to be used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, health products, dairy products and clothes factories is described as follows :

  • Customer-orientation and full knowledge of customers’ needs
  • Satisfying the customers by offering high-quality products and using premium raw materials
  • On-time delivery and competitive prices
  • Innovation in production and independence
  • Attempts to enter the world markets and development of domestic markets
  • Research, studies and innovation in producing high-quality products
  • Observing the national regulations and rules and other requirements

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, relying on the immortal power of God Almighty and cooperate with the expert personnel and relying on the new information and taking advantage of the modern technology of the day, we have tried create a suitable environment for nourishing the talents, self-esteem and self-control and accomplish our goals. The managing director of the company is responsible for establishment and supervision over good execution of the integrated management system in order to continuously improve the system and all the personnel of the company cooperate with the managing director in this important case.